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suavely deranged - Page 3

  • Back To The Well

    After a lengthy absence, it seems I have acquired me a reader. And possibly the reason my latest (remember 100% of her relationships have failed) in a seemingly endless line of exes left. So...more to come. Whenever the mood strikes. Ish.


    Productive first outing. Pounded a venti black coffee and half of a free refill between &:45 and 9:15 p.m. Was asleep by 11:15. And then the inevitable up at 3 a.m. (Song of the Day - Matchbox 20). I may have a problem. But I can always blame it on the excitement of Black Friday. If we can still call it that.

  • Oh, SNAP(chat)

    Nope, didn't chase the IPO. I think I used the app once, though. When it drops to $10 or $12, I'll take a look.


    I do think founder Evan should seriously consider changing his name to Der Spiegel, though.

  • The Tinder (And The Damage Done)

    So, riddle me this, Emily Post, what's the etiquette when your ex (who you still want as an FWB) pops up on your Tinder feed? Left or right?


    So, I've discovered that, after the pain of losing cash moneys on non-cancellable events after the ex kicked me to the curb, the best thing for your humble narrator is to stick to banging the unavailable.

    To wit:

    - the married woman from 8+ hours away who unilaterally has decided I'm the one she should cheat with yet requires validation that she is, in fact, worthy of cheating with me; I know, it happens to every guy


    - the non-monogamous ADD bisexual sub who seems to have a higher number with women than I do - respect


    Looking around to see conclusions, and because Ms. Hyde may or may not have read the mess herein, her sending me curbside may have been the best thing to happen to the both of us. And have your daughter call me, yo!