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  • Beta Testing

    I find it mildly disconcerting that at least 3 of the nowhere near enough women I've been with have or do happen by this trainwreck from time to time. And still keep in touch. But I persist. Much love, ladies. 


    Again, I find myself on the horns of a dilemma:

    So I've asked the ex if she'll meet up with me. No begging her to take me back, no blowing up her phone, no showing up unannounced. So far, crickets and tumbleweeds. Which isn't really a quelle surprise.

    Where the grrrrrr comes into play is whether it's more beta to react and tell her that I get that she's working through whatever and, while Yes is the appropriate response, I've treated her with respect and am a good dude, thusly (yes, I really do talk or at least 'think' like that) I deserve the respect of a simple No, Thank You. Or even No.

    Or is it more beta to not react at all? I've spent too long disrespecting myself to let some skirt do it now.


    This is why I don't sleep enough. 


    5 more hours until I actually HAVE to be at work, I suspect I'll be more than a little bit early. Stay safe this Saturday night, kiddies.

  • The Bumble And The Damage Done

    So I got a new phone on Friday, all come unlocked as of December 1, I still have to call my provider and get mine done. Roughly whenever I get around to it. Ish. Because I had been rolling with 8 gigs for the past 2+ years. Naturally, after I got back from San Diego on Wednesday. Went to see Guns N Roses. Hell of a show. But I digress, I does that. Y'all know.

    Long story somewhat less so, I find myself with plenty of space to add the new apps and naked photos of various womenfolk (address is on here somewhere, hint hint) and I added the Bumble. Plenty of options available on said girl tree.

    However, and this is where the Universe has been getting feisty, things aren't always as they seem.


    I've been on for 2 days. My latest ex was, literally, my 3rd match. Nope. STILL don't know the etiquette on these things. I still want to be in the rotation, I presume everyone is seeing 2 or 3 people these days. We're still FB Friends, and it totally counts as following the No Contact Rule if you're almost positive your number has been blocked. 

    My blog. My rules. Deal.

    And to recap, in said 2 days, I've been matched with my last 2 GF's, an FWB and a chick I made out with once in the front seat of her, like, rape van. Good times.

    And yet, not so much. Tweak the algorithm, yo.

    I did make a new friend in San Diego, though, so there's that.

    And again, none of them is Kendra. Be good and be safe, y'all.