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  • I Hate Feeling Like This

    Or, you know, pretty much anyfuckingthing. It's what I get for having my heart tattooed on my arm.


    It's been dark days, like Dylan Thomas fucking dark, around the Manor of late. Had to travel for work for a week, which contributed to not 1 but 2 failures. Because 5 days in girl time is like 5 months in dog years. Or whatever. And ever. Amen.


    So dark that I've been IM'ing with someone I knew in junior high. Because I appreciated the ego boost of being cyberstalked.


    So My Darkest Days that I texted the chick I hate fucked after Jacqueline Hyde (sound it out, it'll come to y'all) kicked me curbside. Blindside style. It's her birthday tomorrow. I hate that I remember that. Although, to be fair, there are like 6 or 7 other birthdays and such that happen to my people in November. 

    And I hate that I'm the stand up guy that's going to text her a happy birthday. I really need better role models. Of the more toxic variety. Do apply within.


    So I'm back again, listening to peppy pop concoctions and trying to find a better state. And venting. Again, no support group. I haven't been sleeping well the past couple of months and tomorrow's going to be a tough day. On the upside, I'm totally going to save on x-mas gifts. So there's that.


    Peace out, y'all. Be good and be safe.