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1 + 1 = Blow Me

So, after babbling like a brook last night, in my little Chatty Cathy way; it turns out that after 2 or 3 minutes of intense soul searching whilst taking a dump (I'm pretty sure that's how most ideas are actually contrived, but everything's about spin control now) this evening came my epiphany. My Eureka!, nay Gadzooks, even! moment:

When every fibre of one's being is geared toward the pursuit of the ONS, one should expect it to end badly when one (points at self, screaming j'accuse!) decides midstream to switch to attempting to convert the target to an FWB.

Especially given the fact that a) one's entire self of self is based upon ONS game, since I obviously have a limited attention span, and very little interest in playing charades for more than one night; 2) the lay was a foregone conclusion and c) one does not adapt well to change, so whyever would one initiate said change unless one was an inveterate fuckup? To, you know, sugar coat it to protect my feelings, woah woah woah feelings.

One is only truly self sufficient when he is his own cockblock. So now I have closure. And back to the drawing board I go. Continue about your business. I know, I'm like a train wreck, ain't it cool?



  • Yeah woman who are dtf don't want more at that time.

    You = Knucklehead.


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