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  • Retraction

    So, after perusing the latest episode of Chuck this eve, it turns out I was completely mistaken (yeah, I know, hard to believe, but trust me, it does happen). Walker did end up giving him some. Shocked, I am. Or, at least I presume she has, as it seems they're now a couple.

    Whatever that means.

    But everything I said was true for the episodes I saw and is still sound advice. Don't be her orbiter. Don't chase her, replace her. And, if that's Summer Glau, I really need to start watching the 2 seasons of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles I have on DVD. Again, as with so many things in this life, it's the having not the using that's important.

    Needless to say, I'll be watching her new series, The Cape, when it debuts next year. At least the first episode. And then something or other will intrude and I'll end up buying the show on DVD at some point. Simply another in the myriad of ways in which I roll.


    Which brings us to another issue. Of which I also seem to possess a myriad. The entire magazine, even. It was the Princess reference (which definitely brought a smile to my face) that clued me in to the fact it wasn't simply one of my more recent friends jerking my chain with the comments. It's good to hear from you, darlin'. It's been a long time, and I hope that all's well with you and yours. Hit me up at the e-mail address in my About Me section and we'll discuss your life changing event and my mid-life crisis. Crazy pills for everybody!

    Yes, it's okay to hate me for not having to leave the house again until Sunday when I leave for Las Vegas. I know if it were someone else, I'D hate 'em. As always, peace, love and all the other fairy tales, kiddies.

  • Role Models

    First up, much love to Charlotte for her recent comment. All that time trolling for hatemail and now, when I'm posting once every blue moonish, it finally comes. Now, some of y'all will be all cynical (if I've taught you anything, and I like to think that I have, please give me that illusion) and think I posted this myself. Good for you. Trust your feelings.

    Alas, no. I've been wracking my under-utilized 3 brain cells trying to figure out exactly whom she might be. After all, who knows of my dream about Claire Danes telling me she hates me? Anyhoo, she's right, I've been attempting to make amends for my watching the first season of Friends rather than My So-Called Life because I didn't have cable. I haven't seen an episode of Friends since. I have MSCL on DVD. I've seen almost all of the fair Ms. Danes' movies. If I hadn't been going to see Mamma Mia with the ex, I'd have gone to see Jared Leto's band, Thirty Seconds to Mars. Futile, I know, but still I try.

    The sheep comment was harsh. Not entirely inaccurate, but harsh.


    I think it was about the time I discovered my crazy pills are $4 a hit and not covered by my medical plan that my recent bout with depression began to reverse itself. I'm on medical leave from work for same (and an MRSA staph infection in my leg, which is healing nicely, thanks for asking) at the moment.


    Sara Rue was always funny and cute. Now that she's dropped all that weight...she's damn near unstoppable. I may even start to watch Rules of Engagement. For me, Zachary Levi will always be Kip from Less Than Perfect, no matter what else he does.

    Which is what I like to laughingly refer to as a segue. Expect more of them.


    So, on Monday nights, we have some solid role models. Barney Stinson; Charlie Harper; hell, even Steve McGarrett. And then, we have Chuck Bartowski. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the show, even if, until last week's marathon viewing of the first 2 seasons, I'd only seen a few episodes.

    Let me get it out there: Chuck is an orbiter and the Emotional Cookie Man (thank you, Frank B. Kermit), and his example is NOT to be followed, other than how not to act around the womenfolks.

    Now, don't get me wrong, Walker's a premium. A total one-itis (if you're not familiar with the terminology, look it up). But, she is NEVER going to give him any. Ever. Let me reiterate, not ever. Why would she? He follows her around like a lost puppy dog or one of them ducks from that experiment of once upon a time and meets her every emotional need without ever leading their ''relationship'' in its proper direction. To borrow from the literature, beautiful women have men they turn to for sex and nice guys like Chuck that run their errands and listen to their problems and pine away for them even as said beautiful woman cockblocks any possible hope said chump might have for finding something more with someone who actually gives a damn about them.

    But I'm not bitter. Casey has it right, you know he's banging hookers every night. Probably killing them, too, but that's another diatribe. And it's possible to learn the correct way from the other spies on the show. Yes, it's okay to envy Devon his Natural-hood. Acknowledge that you do. Accept the feeling and then release it. You can only do the best you can with the resources at your disposal. You can, however, seek out and learn from other resources. Like I'm doing with my time away from the real world.

    But I digress. Yep, do that a lot. Deal.

    Chuck. Bad. Yeah, I think that summarizes things nicely. He needs to cease, desist and refrain from being satellite boy and either take the lead with her (and, if things have changed since the end of season 2, forgive me; I'm basing this on what I've seen) or move the fuck on. Especially now that the Intersect has been upgraded and he has the potential to be somewhat bad-ass. He should wear more black, too. He has role models available to him, he needs to utilize them. And so should you. Down off the soapbox I go.

    Oh well, whatever, as usual I started out with some ideas and they've moved on. Plus ca change, plus ca la meme chose. May Monday be kind. Peace, love and all the other fairy tales.