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K Is For Karma

And knucklehead.  And yes, I totally pronounce the k. Yet another in the myriad of ways in which I roll.

So, despite the fact that I have a K tattooed on my chest (sadly, not in scarlet, although it really should be) to remind me that women whose first names begin with K are like, well, kryptonite to me (I even went so far oncet upon a time as to tell my boy Kim that I couldn't be his friend anymore unless he changed his name; too bad, too, he was good people, likely still is...but I digress), I went ahead and took a shine to yet another in a seemingly endless line.

Katherine. Different from the others in more than name. She's the kind of opportunity that doesn't knock. In her I see possibility and other things she doesn't always see in herself.

Where the trouble comes into Paradise is that, despite all the changes I've undergone these past few years, on some unfortunate levels, I'm still the same. Sigh. And back to the drawing board I go. Curse you (shakes fist), sticking points!

And now...because of who and what I am and what I can never be, it's all over but the drinking. And digging out that hair shirt from my closet. Sadly, I gave up my cross when the aforementioned Kim needed lumber for the house he was building.

And yes, she's been hereabouts before and likely may again. I'm no longer hiding my light under a bushel.

Tomorrow, we're attending my boy Jay's wedding. The reception, anyway, as I can't even get away from work to attend the ceremony (curse you, work ethic!). Maybe I'm just PMSing and seeing things that really aren't (why oh why can't I just see dead people?) because he's the last of my friends to die and get married. He already lives in the suburbs. But I do look kickass in my pinstriped suit.

Fortuitously, the antibiotics I'm taking for my staph infection will preclude me from getting all liquored-up old school-style and making the proverbial spectacle of myself. But I'll raise a glass to the happy couple. To absent friends. To good times and good people. To Better Days. Possibly world peace, although that sounds too cliche for my liking.

However, if things go well, I'll be licking absinthe off of my girl afterwards. Again, I look totally GQ in a suit.



  • I still am good people you chachie! Hope this are still great in cowtown!

    Thanks for the cross by the way, i thik my house fell down and killed people after I moved out....lol

    Its good to see you have dedication to keep this writing project going.


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