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  • Updates and a Cliffhanger

    So, I've finally joined Twitter. Same name as hereabouts. Follow me or don't. Whatever. At least check out whom I follow and perhaps you'll follow them as well. Particularly Phoenix Marie.


    I've posted photos of my dream vacation to the AEE in Las Vegas (read: porn convention) on Facebook, under Christian Manson/Calgary, just in case I don't get around to posting them on My Humble Little Photoblog (shameless plug). My profile picture is me with Sasha Grey. Add me as a friend should you so desire, as I accept every-fucking-body.

    I am, however, totally a fairweather Facebook Friend, so don't expect me to give you a kidney or bone marrow. Semen, however, can be arranged.

    For a nominal fee.



    I've added a link along the bottom right (I think, I just write this mess, it ain't like I READ it) to the blog of the lovely and talented Sophie Dee, whom I met and had sign a picture ''We Need To Talk''. Any idiot can have the porn stars write lies about how great they were. It takes someone truly special (ed...sound it out, it'll come to you) to have beautiful half buck nekkid womenfolks sign pictures ''I Want my DVD's Back'' or ''We're So Broken Up.'' Some folks golf, this is what I do. Besides, I had to atone for my sorry effort when I met the lovely and talented (and red-headed) Auf der Maur.

    Next year I get them to sign ''I'm Walking Again, Call Me'' or ''Get Out of Your Head and into Hers. Or, you know, Mine.''

    Anyway, check out her blog, should you be at all interested in such things.


    And, as soon as my own personal Nancy Drew/Veronica Mars stops snooping around here, I'll tell a story about a divorcee. Although I did break one of the rules and sprung for her soup and iced tea on our Day 2. Day 1 was coffee and I only paid to feed my out of control caffeine habit.


    I shall return. Needless to say, but I'ma say it anyway, triumphantly won't be part of the equation.