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  • It's Not Failure, It's Feedback

    So, I thought I was making progress in this whole interpersonal relations dealio.

    But I was wrong. Ish.

    Saturday last, I ventured out of the Manor to see AFI/Cage the Elephant/Melissa Auf der Maur at a general admission show. I loved AFI's Decemberunderground disc. I've heard one Cage the Elephant song. I've had a crush on Auf der Maur since before I caught her on Hole's Celebrity Skin tour in July of '99. I'd call it puppy love, but I've kinda lost track of all these new positions.

    See if you can guess which act I shelled my hard-earned cash moneys to see. Go on, I'll wait.

    And I'm back.

    Anyway, the delightful bassist (who still wails, by the way) was doing an intermission-type meet and greet/autograph session; so I purchased an EP and dutifully lined up. Sadly, the lineup was nowhere near befitting an integral part of 2 of the seminal bands of the '90's who is now doing what she loves and creating her own music. Which is what I should've told her. Instead of, you know, tooling myself. Sigh. In my defence, even though I didn't think of getting her to autograph my EP 'Chris, We're totally broken up; Love, Melissa' which is totally going to be my new thing when getting autographs. Guys, girls, whatever and ever, amen. Don't make no Nevermind.

    But I digress. Again. When I finally got to meet the divine Ms. M, AFI had just begun their set and we could barely hear each other. And I speak quietly to begin with. The better to get the womenfolks to lean in towards me. All I could muster was Hi, I'm Chris. I know. Suave. Debonair. Bond-like.

    And yet, kinda not. She was quite gracious in my ineptitude, god (or whoever) bless her heart. Even wished me a Happy New Year.


    The moral of this little tale is:

    I'm going to the Adult Entertainment Expo in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada in 2 weeks. I will be meeting porn stars. Hi, I'm Chris is not going to suffice, conversational gambit-wise. Much work remains to be done. But...this is the one area of my life wherein the glass just might be half full. Fuck the destination, I'm all about the journey.