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  • The End of the World As We Know It

    And no, I feel pretty fucking far from fine and am buying a condo in the neighborhood of dead inside. Good schools. Close to public transit.

    But I digress.


    Patrick McGoohan has left us. He was awesome in A View To a Kill. No, kiddies, it wasn't just a Duran Duran tune. He'll be missed.


    And, Ricardo Montalban is Gone. No more Fantasy Island. No more Wrath of Khan. No more Senor Senor Senior. No more Rich Corinthian Leather.

    Jesus wept.

    I would, too. If'n I had any emotions.


    As if that weren't enough, John Mayer will soon have his own variety show. Fucking CBS (shakes fist angrily)!

    And then folks wonder why I'm always such a fountain of positive.


    Oh well, for tonight, I'll wallow. The Running Man's on TV. I have chocolate cake. With white chocolate chips. I've booked me a cheap flight to fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada for my birthday in May (still have to book a hotel, likely the Palms, and Asian and African American hookers to keep me company simultaneously; what? it's my birthday).

    AND, this humble little crime against humanity was rated 7 out of 10 by, I believe, blogger.com, the other day. I may just be able to sleep tonight.