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  • Hello, Square One, I Missed You

    So, in light of 2 recent events, I'm taking stock of and gleaning pleasure from the simpler things in life. Such as being able to work a 50 Cent word like gleaning into casual convo.


    Said events are:

    a) the GF and I are broke up again, like clockwork every 2 weeks or so; this time I think it might stick...I'll spare y'all the details because I'm saving boring you for later and, mostly, because she sometimes Veronica Mars her way hereabouts

    and 2) I had to work (AGAIN!) on Halloween Night, the best night of the year, and didn't think of claiming Devil's Night as a religious holiday until it was too late...now, in and of itself, this isn't a big deal, but then my boy Jay drunk dialled me (I'm the Designated Dialler, friends don't let friends drunk dial) on said evening, whilst attempting to relive the old days without me, with new folks what just don't know

    And I died a little bit inside.


    Anyhoo, it's Sunday, there's 2 NFL games and an NHL game on the tube, and I'm able to sit here, with nothing and noone to do and nowhere I have to be, and rattle a few things off the top of my pretty little head.

    And so I shall. Bear with me. Or not. Whatever. Those of y'all what've ambled by before know I far from give a fuck either way (I kinda enjoy screaming into the void, but that's just me), and the rest will learn.

    Or not. Again, whatever.


    The list, such as it is:


    - I miss reading and writing (insert your own joke here), and just never seem to find the time to do either; however, today, I've already finished an e-book (what? it's a start) and am now perpetrating this little crime against humanity


    - I like cartoons and some children's movies; this morning I watched Little Giants again for the first time in forever, and it still makes me smile...and laugh...and, yes, mist up a little (like a little bitch) in places and ain't that what a flick's supposed to do?


    - I caught a newish episode of Entourage this morning on HBO Canada (hopefully, my digital provider will get the schedule listings correct at some point) and I wondered why I ever stopped watching; oh yeah, because I kept forgetting when it came on...oh well, I always have the 1st 2 seasons on DVD (thanks, Michelle) and can always download the rest


    - there's a brand new episode of Dexter on tonight, love love LOVE me some Dexter

    - yesterday, at my place of employ, I was able to find me a pair of slippers (no, strike that, several pairs, in different flavours, although I only bought one...for now) that actually fit my tired size 14 (yes, the rumors about guys with big feet are true, I also have big hands and big ears) feets; on sale for 25% off PLUS my 15% employee discount, which amounted to just shy of $6


    - recently, I earned me some badly needed good Karma: a complete stranger e-mailed me on Facebook, seeking dating advice, which I gave him and, much more importantly, steered him in the direction of Carlos Xuma, Sean Messenger, Stephen Nash and Michael Marks


    - we may soon have a Stephon Marbury sighting, as rumor has it he'll be waived by the hapless New York Knicks today, and I'm doing my best to acquire him in whatever leagues I can


    - my LJBF, Denise, finally got herself back out there, into circulation, and I'm happy for her...even if I still think she should be a lesbian


    - my boy James, whom I lost touch with but found on Facebook, is celebrating a birthday today; the first of many this month (and, since I've no idea or set schedule of when I'll post):

    November 2- James

                   11- my sister's ex-fiancee, Lee

                   12- my ex-GF, Terri

                   13- my, let's say eccentric, friend Elaine

                   14- Ken, a former comanager at my current gig who taught me a lot

                   16- my sister, Michelle

                   26- my brother Jay

                   27- my moms


    - NBA.com is having a free preview of their Broadband League Pass and CBS.com offers free viewings of episodes of cancelled TV shows; where the trouble comes into Paradise is that I can't seem to take advantage of either offer at the present time, but hopes remain high


    - I love watching videos of wives and girlfriends getting all worked up whilst watching the peelers and making with the head...and knowing that I'm single again


    - I've decided that my nickname for Milwaukee Bucks rookie SF Luc Mbah a Moute is T.J.; as in Houshmandzadeh equals championship, for those of y'all familair with NFL.com's ads

    - and yes, I'm excited about having been able to add him in my 30 team keeper league yesterday


    - I got an extra hour of sleep last night due to Daylight Savings Time, which, since I can't sleep very well at night, was a big deal...more time for fucked up Dreams


    - I still like the music of the '70's, and don't even get me started on the '80's


    - I should be able to hang out with some of my friends next Monday night, as I'll have it off for Remembrance Day week...working nights, I rarely get to see any of the crew anymore, and I miss that, too


    And I'm done.


    One Love,