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  • NFL Opening Weekend/90210 Series Premiere

    See if y'all can tell which is which and try to keep up, as there may be a quiz later. And, for good measure, I've thrown in some completely random thoughts to boot.


    Sell Some Skin.com. Watch for it. Hold your breath. Blue is TOTALLY your color.


    Nicolette Sheridan is single again. If you don't know, ask somebody.


    I wasn't able to secure Tom Brady in either of my NFL Fantasy pools (unlike basketball, wherefore I usually have 20+ teams, I'm not really overly interested in the other major sports). I'd wager I can land him now, though. Cheap.


    Shannen Doherty looks kind of haggard for somebody I used to spend hours ogling every Monday night back in the day. I feel so used.


    My GF played Nancy Drew and Googled me under my actual and factual I.D. and was able to find the name of my pseudo-wife. And then told me she was Hurt. Draw your own conclusions. Discuss.


    Jennie Garth, however, looks even better than she did on What I Like About You. Although, to be fair, she was kinda outshined by Amanda Bynes therein.


    So I was watching Life With Derek (love love LOVE me some Disney Channel) the other day, and the sister was trying out to be a cheerleader. Nope, not even going there, as that way lies madness.


    I have Willie Parker in both my pools. Even dressed him in the one I picked him up after someone dropped him. Yay, me! The other...Marion Barber.


    Picked up Chris Johnson after his first preseason game. 93 yards rushing, 34 receiving and a TD yesterday. Sat him, too. LaDainian Tomlinson and Joseph Addai.


    I haven't been able to watch my beloved Seattle Seahawks play (again, sleeping all day, working all night) in almost 2 years. Yesterday, I longed for those carefree days. I can't believe we fell for the old defensive end as an eligible receiver on a fake FG attempt play.

    Big ups to the GF for watching the game with me. Although, I once skipped a 'Hawks/Cowboys playoff tilt (apparently a quite exciting one; we won) to have sex with her for the first time, so she owed me.


    TO's touchdown celebration was not worth wasting the 15 yard penalty on. I, personally, LIKE watching folks be creative in their exuberance.

    Even if they're just faking. And yes, I can tell. No, don't care. Put on the show for me. Here I am now, entertain me.


    God (or whoever) bless and keep the good folks at Digital Desire.com, as they're doing god (or whoever's) work. 


    I'm deeply troubled that my company has Ashlee Simpson pimping some of our affordable yet stylish (what can I say, I'm a company man) clothes for womenfolks. What, we couldn't afford Jessica?


    Lori Loughlin is still totally jerkworthy.


    I hate the new Facebook. And so should you.

    I do, however, quite enjoy browsing for and joining completely random groups that I will never EVER (to drop some Chris Jericho on y'all) participate in.


    Thank god (or whoever) that Nat's still part of the 90210 family. He's the glue, I tells ya.


    The Bears D looked pretty good yesterday, didn't it? Even if Reggie Wayne was totally wide open on a slant that Peyton threw to Marvin Harrison on.


    I purchased a DVD burner last weekend. Hope to have it set up around whenever. To drop some old school Guns 'N' Roses on y'all.


    After my VCR refused to work Tuesday night, the GF. who hates the original, offered to record the Thursday night replay of 90210 for me. And then gave me her VCR. And folks wonder why I love her. And, of course, I'll likely hook it up just after the DVD burner. Something about me cleaning my house or Hell freezing over.

    Okay, maybe it's because she refused to watch the show with me. Although my VCR ended up cooperating on Thursday, so all's well that....blah blah blah. In her defence, she watched the One Tree Hill season premiere with me. Damn, that Millicent is fine.


    Dan should've totally taken Keesha on his HOH dealio. That was my punishment for making the GF watch the 'Hawks get smoked yesterday. I don't know about you, but I'D enjoy seeing Keesha's big rack in some sort of bikini-type ensemble.

    Why, yes, I do always think with my cock, but at least I think. To drop some Uncle Charlie on y'all.


    The Big Bang Theory still sucks. Such a waste of a quality title. I do, however, like to think that Kaley Cuoco does, too. See above.


    Anybody else think Matt Cassel can deja vu Tom Brady's debut of a few seasons ago? Yeah, me either.


    Annie Wilson is easily the prize of the show. Erin Silver is runner-up. The highlight was the Escalade front seat simulated blowjob. The wanna-be actress has the best rack. Speaking of which, a few weeks ago, I nearly ran my Cobalt off the road in front of my building watching a PERFECT rack walk by. Not too big (yeah, like THAT'S possible), not too small, firm, upright, perfectly shaped. If memory serves, said rack's owner was kinda fly, too.

    Saturday I nearly ran down some skateboarder cocksucker (cross at the green and not in between; to drop some Peter Tork on y'all...and just when is The Monkees going to be reasonably priced on DVD, anyway; the Chris Isaak Show, perhaps?) while attempting to make a turn. Fucking guy came out of nowhere on a Don't Walk signal. I should've hit him, as I was only doing, like, 2 at the time. Next time...I aim.


    The Falcons looked pretty good in the first half yesterday. The Lions? Well, there's always next year. And what was Jon Kitna screaming at that coach about, anyway? No, I'm serious, I didn't have the sound on.


    Tesla is the most underrated '80's metal band. And yes, I saw them live then. Opening for Motley Crue on their last real (Dr. Feelgood) tour. Note to self, secure Neil Strauss' book The Dirt.


    I totally need more completely random folk to add me as friends on Facebook, he said, dropping an all-too-subtle hint.


    Off to do some online learning and attempt to further my 'career'. May Monday totally be your bitch instead of the usual order of things.


    You know you love me, XOXOXO,

    Gossip Girl