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  • So...

    ...as I found myself forced to go from 120 km/h to about 20 in THIS many seconds the other night on the freeway, I realized that it had been WAY too long since I'd done me a post. Or even perpetrated one hereabouts, for that matter. Nope it's certainly not like them carefree days when I was doing at least a, if not 2 or 3, post(s) everyday.


    ...premature happy Father's Day. I find this especially fitting in that it seems to be the way that most dudes end up as fathers nowadays.


    ...Jessica Alba has graduated to MILF. I do hope that Cash Warren (nope, not making this up) has more than his name to live on when she inevitably kicks him to the curb later in the year.


    ...as I was watching footage of two shapely young adorables licking come off a bukkake target's face and tits this sunny a.m., I was willing to concede that there might, in fact, be a god (or whoever) after all. Now, should I post this under the Christian blog category? God (or whoever) bless bukkake. And the ladies that love it.


    ...the other day, I saw a vanity licence plate that read ILVTRNS. Now, any woman that loves pulling her some train is O.K. in my book. And I've a sneaking suspicion that god (or whoever) smiles upon them, too.


    ...the geophysicist and I have reached a temporary detente. I don't whore around and she doesn't kill me in my sleep. Just like the U.N. and shit.


    ...I was outraged by an article I read the other day: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080605/ap_on_re_us/lesbian_kiss_5;_ylt=AmWxbcEmS_UbCnqrso23ed0mANAF about a lesbian couple at Seattle's Safeco Field being asked to cease, desist and refrain from making out by an usher after some flatearther (what? that's as delicately as I can put it) complained. Dude, it's not like the Mariners offer any entertainment value. Other than Ichiro, of course. And Adrian Beltre's 2 for his last 20, to more than earn the sizable free agent deal he signed a couple years ago. I hope the complainant was pelted with popcorn and beer. Possibly urine, also. The usher, too.

    I've heard Safeco's a beautiful park, though. The 'rents once saw a brawl between the Mariners and the California (they'll never be of Anaheim to I) Angels there, once, and raved about the park.


    ...I went to the dentist Thursday, after a lenghty absence. Wednesday, whilst brushing my teeth before Sleepytime, 3/4 of one came out. Now, if it'd been the ENTIRE tooth, I likely would've kept my dentist-free streak alive. However, since the remainder was kinda irritating, I caved. Ended up getting parts of 2 (apparently I'd recently or not so Broken another tooth beside this one, and, because it didn't bother me, forgotten about it) teeth extracted. And then my teeth cleaned. Apparently, it'd been 8 years since I'd done that, too. The cleaner was kinda Fly. Flirted with her a little bit, albeit halfheartedly. It simply wasn't like the last time I'd had a tooth extracted, where I had the MILF hygienist holding my hand and telling me stories about herself. Even AFTER she'd seen the inside of the horse's mouth.


    ...I'm going back to fabulous Las Vegas Nevada at the end of the month. Nope, not taking sand to the beach THIS time. Going to see The Veronicas, MySpace darling Kate Voegele, and Natasha Bedingfield at the House of Blues. If you're in the neighborhood, give me a shout. I'll be the one ogling the high school girls in attendance. Yes, it's okay to look. To LOOK. And then go home or, in this case, the hotel and jerk off all over some hooker. Or random cocktail waitress. But never TOUCH the high school girls. Unless you are, actually, in high school. In which case, they won't let you, anyway, because they'll all be off pulling trains for frat boys. You'd better hope your mom has an attractive, morally flexible, recently divorced friend.

    But I digress. Again. Turns out the immortal Morris Day and The Time are at The Flamingo (I'm staying at New York New York, which I'd never expected to, but got a workable rate) that same week. I had no idea that Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis were members of the group. Alls I knew was Morris and his faithful sidekick Jerome. Let's go with Jerkout by said supergroup as the Song of the Day.

    Anyhoo, I'm kinda stoked. I miss Las Vegas. And, it's swimming pool season. Which means premiums, premiums, everywhere premiums. I'm kinda leaning towards just paying whatever outrageous user's fee there is and enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of the poolside area at my beloved The Palms, as, apparently, the pool at New York New York (and yes, I'm flirting with some sort of Sinatra reference on this one) is nothing worth writing home about.


    ...of late, I can't decide which intrigues me more, twins or the ever-popular mother daughter tagteam. I found myself watching an interview with someone known as the Baker twins, and had me an Epiphany moment. Fortunately, it was in regard to something important. With my luck, it could've been a cure for cancer or a viable plan for world peace or something equally useless. Whew. Close one.


    ...I was dismayed to discover that my VirtuaGirl free trial doesn't keep adding new girls to the ones it has already provided me. Neigh, rather it merely replaces said free previews with other ones. Sigh.


    Well, I'm off to catch up on Seasons I and II of Melrose Place. My birthday gift to myself, a mere 20 bucks each at WalMart. I'm watching the first season purely for Amy Locane. After that, it's all about Jake.

    Speaking of which, I was sorely disappointed by the first 2 episodes of his new show, Swingtown. Only this many sleeps until the new 90210 ensues.

    And yes, I'll be looking to purchase me some seasons of Two and a Half Men (Jake) whilst I'm in L.V.

    Enjoy your weekend, y'all. I, myself, am overjoyed to have 2 nights off for the first time this month. Consecutive and everything. Namaste.