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I Don't Know

Who Keeley Hazell is, but I have her sextape. Quite fond of it, as a matter of fact. Chick smokes her an enthusiastic pole, don't she? Okay, some of the camera work needs some, well, work, and one can't, you know, fast forward and shit; but, still and all, definitely worth clocking a time or 7. I hope it turns out as well for her as Paris Hilton's did for her 'career'. Well, other than the DUI's and the jail time, of course.

I certainly hope they're keeping Ms. Hilton in solitary. She simply doesn't seem the type to deal well with the average criminal. Although the thought of her being someone's lapdog bitch kinda makes me smile. I'm just like that. Love me some of them Girls in Prison-type romantic comedies. What can I say, I'm a hopeless romantic.


I'm pretty darned upset about Kelly Clarkson cancelling her summer tour, especially if 'summer' includes the September 13th show here in Calgary. I've been anxiously awaiting her finally venturing our way and, yet again, denied. Sigh. Story of my life. I hope everything's all right with her, though. I worry.

Love the Never Again video. Girl can sure write her a breakup song, can't she?


The geophysicist attempted to poison me Thursday a.m. I awoke at 3, coughing and hacking (the only and bestest way to awaken) and went to her fridge for some cough syrup. Took a big pull and discovered a) that it was expired and 2) that on a relatively empty stomach it would proceed to kick my ass.

Anyway, I spent Thursday either dry heaving, curled up in the ever-popular fetal position or sleeping. But man did I have me some vivid dreams, though. I could almost taste the colors of the rainbow. Good Times. Although driving home from her crib was definitely an adventure.


Well, off to work. Last night, I had a claim of verbal sexual harassment levelled against me by a burden on humanity because I told HIM to quit being such a sissy. Not a fucking sissy, mind you. Nor little bitch. Nope, not cocksucker, either. Simply a sissy. Boy did he prove me wrong. Color me in my place on this one.

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