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A Hard Lesson, but a Valuable One

So, as I'm patiently sitting in yield mode at a green light during Rush Hour, in the driving snow (why yes, spring really HAS sprung hereabouts, thanks for asking), on my merry way home from work today; half awake and nowhere near asleep enough...the jerkoff behind me speeds around me and attempts to turn on yellow; completely, blissfully ignorant of the small factoid that other jerkoffs proceeding the other way (including one who ended up running the red light; but only by about 5 or 10 seconds) were also ignoring the fact that the light was about to change.

I just shook my head, laughed, and turned up the first Doors disc in my car player. It's a good thing I no longer have an ego, otherwise this shit might upset me.


Song of the Day: Three Days Grace-Riot. Just because.


I think I've finally found someone who'll look at me like I'm the opposite of civilization. I find it completely fucking baffling that my nitwit (World Revolves Around Me-type) coworker (who, as far as I'm concerned, is pretty much just there to do the paperwork for grownup folks) seems to have some sort of issue with little old me. Oh well, c'est la vie. SO not my crisis. I merely keep reminding myself that other folks are doing the best they can with the resources available to them.

Nope, it doesn't work. But still I try. Even when she attempts to blame me for her gaffes. Fucking idiot. Quit being a child and take responsibility for your shit.


Reason #317 whyfore I despise my soulless corporate drone-type gig:

The damn near complete dearth of premiums in our management core upon which to practice (remember, kiddies, EVERYONE'S practice) has caused my slowly flowering skills to erode somewhat. Setbacks fucking suck, don't they? As I was making my merry way from my car into the complex at which last night's volleyball festivities were held...a premium opened me by talking about the weather. Now, if I wasn't surrounded by discounts all the livelong day, I'd have made with the ''you're going to have to do better than that if you're trying to pick me up'' variation on the cocky/funny gambit. All said with a naughty smile, naturellement. But, alas, I simply played it straight up; thereby killing any and all attraction she might have felt for your humble narrator.

And back to the drawing board I go. Enjoy your Humpday, y'all.

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