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Post #42

Okay, it's not really, but in honor of Jackie Robinson Day in Major League Baseball; today, it is.


All right, Bangme.net is a Cool site. However, being a guy...I'd vote yes for most of the 'talent' therein. What they really need is a site entitled Bang Me and Tell Your Friends. That would separate the wheat from the proverbial chaff, percentage-wise. Because, let's face it: sometimes there's nothing on TV and noone has to know.


And, since it's also Holocaust Remembrance Day, all y'all should be out picketing a Volkswagen factory or dealership somewhere. I would be, but I just dragged myself homeward, smelling like pussy; from a productive weekend of maybe 15 episodes of 21 Jump Street on DVD (I wonder whatever became of that Depp kid, he had moxy; or is it moxie? whatever...SO not the point) and various hijinks/hilarity. Good Times. Solid Game. Effortless, even.

If Only she were a Premium. Sigh.


Happy to report that I've played matchmaker for a LDR between and betwixt quite possibly the 2 most gullible individuals in all of Alberta. Hopefully, I won't have to instruct them in the wonderful products that result from the cultivation and harvesting of the rubber tree plant. Some folks simply shouldn't Breed. Yeah, likely you, too. Definitely me.

And no, nofuckingbody should EVER bore me with tales of the activities and whatnot of their spawn. Ever. Don't care. Try to find something interesting to discuss. Otherwise, shut the fuck UP. And down of the soapbox I go.


Don't you just hate it when you dream about your place and type of employ? I know that whenever I do, I'm awake. My day has begun.


All right, I'm off to watch Mandy Moore's performance on last week's Brick (?????) Awards. Be excellent to each other.


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