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  • Today...

    Is not, despite what Billy Corgan might have one believe, the greatest day I've ever known. In actual and factual, it's been damn near one setback after another. On the glass is half full tip, however, I DID manage to acquire me a shiny new pair of quality brand name footwear; which I can don, should I ever be foolish enough to venture out of Stately Deranged Manor again (not fucking likely, by the by). Actually, the entire week's been, well, weak.

    To recap:

    - 40 below (Celsius, with the windchill factored in) weather all week until yesterday when it was a balmy -20; today, we're up to -3 but with a wicked nasty wind

    - volleyball with K's aplenty was cancelled before it ever began, to the dismay of myself and the poor woman (I've met her BF before, as we all played on the same beach volleyball squad this past summer; he's good people) who drove halfway across the city (my jaunt was a mere 5 minutes, although I had to get up an hour earlier than I'd have preferred) to discover this somewhat unpleasant revelation

    - I finally heard back from the woman what asked me the 5 most interesting things about me; perfectly willing to play along, so that's kinda Cool, we'll see what transpires

    - a woman I met online whom I can fuck right now, but have very little interest in, asked me out to lunch for tomorrow; I'm declining because (in the immortal words of my good LJBF, Krista,) lunch is just too much of a commitment for me; well, that and the fact I'd miss out on some badly needed Sleepytime during the course of said endeavour...not to mention the fact that I see ZERO reason to spend money trying to impress ANY woman and she asked me, I'm supposed to set the tone

    - yesterday's One Tree Hill was everything it promised to be, can't wait for next week's installment

    - I was awoken at 3 a.m. by a fierce bout of old school-style coughing and hacking which no amount of NyQuil could combat: Good Times

    - whilst scanning dating site profiles, I was finally able to use the 'I see you like______, _______, and _______. Me, too. We should be friends' approach on someone. She actually claimed to like STUFF and DISCUSSING TOPICS. Gold. Gold, I say. I was quite proud of the approach e-mail I crafted; sadly, on the It's a Small World After All front, she replied only to ask about one of the other guys (we're all suited-up for a wedding) in a picture on my profile, apparently she knows him (at least by name)...now, this might constitute social proof, other than the fact that my boy Howie is all honest and will likely bring up my It Was a Drunken Vegas Thing-type wedding and I'll have to find me a new free dating site to troll (I've already written off this chick: add it all up and it spells DUH!); this would be all sorts of bad, all flavours, even

    - I actually hopped in my shiny new automobile and drove to one of them mall things today, in the fucking daylight (daylight bad, girl pretty), even; never again...I desperately needed more outing appropriate footwear (yes, I fully intended to actually make this poor woman buy me lunch tomorrow; what? she asked, and of course, I put out; be it the first or the last date) and had no end of grief (including getting, to paraphrase Joe Strummer and the lads, Lost in the Mall) finding said size 14-type kicks

    - being in traffic with you cocksuckers during full daylight is even worser (yeah, fucking sue me!) than I'd remembered; I couldn't even find me a parking spot at my local Safeway this afternoon (which is why I usually walk there), and naturally had to dodge all the unable to drive-type folks (I'm still learning, what's YOUR excuse? fucking idiots!) just to Escape said parking lot

    - I still have some deep inner game issues going on, but hopefully an extra volleyball game tonight will cure that; or perhaps driving the freeway during Rush Hour will only compound it...que sera sera

    - upon reviewing my 2006 New Year's Resolutions (yes, there'll be a post sometime next month), I realized that I still haven't begun The Iliad, soon to be rectified, as I withdrew it from the bookplace today; when did the bookplace start getting such hot snatch on the hoof-type employees, anyway? sadly, I was too out of state from the fucking mall to do anything about it

    - I still have to post the tale of the epiphany triggering event that lead me on my current pursuit of the knowledge of all things game, soon; now, at least I know where I'm going, one crisis at a time

    - I also still have to figure out how to get to the location of next Thursday's complicated tooth extraction...maybe I'll just open up my trusty toolbox, remove mine pliers and DIY; save myself some stress and 2/3 hundred bucks


    Oh yeah, Song of the Day: Smashing Pumpkins- Zero. That there is what I like to laughingly refer to as a surprising plot twist. Expect more of them in the future.


    Well, I'm off to battle the teeming masses. Peace.

  • I may have to start scanning the news more often...

    And yet, somehow, I kinda doubt it. But today was productive. I've discovered that there now FINALLY exists a pill that can erase one's bad memories. Like, say, for instance, a certain drunken Vegas one night stand-type wedding. Would I be willing to take it? is the query posed on Yahoo.com. Fuck, yeah, where do I sign up? is the only possible reply. As someone with a damn near photographic memory, there are many people (see above), places (like, say, France) and things (I don't know, gravity?) I'd like to forget once and for all.

    Just think, memory could serve me instead of always being my master. Sigh. If Only.


    Whither art thou, Ben Wallace? You're fucking killing me, dude. You, too, Stephon Marbury. Lumps of coal for the both of you.


    I've decided that my default opener on the dating sites for those womenfolks brave enough to step into my little web and approach me shall be:

    Some folks have a problem with saying they met online. Now, for me, this is a non-issue (it's not when, where or how you met that matters, after all; it's WHO), but if we were to fabricate a meet cute-type story, what would it be?

    It makes her qualify herself (always establish yourself as the prize) right from jump. Especially if she can only come up with a lame answer. Although I was quite impressed by the 3 alternate versions offered up by the last womenfolks whom I posed this query to. Very creative and funny, to boot. Oh well, whatever. Just a thought. Yes, Virginia, even I have them sometimes.


    I'm off to watch Dexter (if you ain't seen it, you're SO missing out) and then Sleepytime. As far as I know, tonight's my first volleyball game with my new squad; featuring my lovely neighbor and 2 other of them accursed K's. So I needs my rest, as I'm dealing with some deep Inner Game issues today.


    Be good and be safe, Monday packs quite a wallop. Watch my beloved Seattle Seahawks on MNF tonight.

  • Things I'm thankful for

    Since it's (Happy) Thanksgiving Day in the United States and I'm still technically married to an American citizen and all.


    But first, some 'thoughts':

    - Is it really easier (I read it somewhere) to steal someone else's GF than to get and keep one of your own?

    - I really need to use the phrase 'noblesse oblige' more often in casual conversation. Those of y'all fortunate or un enough to know me back in the world may want to watch out for it.

    - I'm pondering getting me a camera phone. But only if it's possible to use it to take pictures without having to use the actual, you know, PHONE portion of the program. Simply because a camera phone can go a lot of places that a regular digital camera just can't. Hell, I don't even use my landline, and I read Stephen King's Cell (not bad, compared to the last few he's mailed in; the neighbor what's no longer speaking to me loaned me her BF's copy Once Upon a Time). I ain't NEVER gonna get me a cellphone. Ever.

    - My elevator look (I'm all about the fundamentals of late) really needs some work.

    - If you claim to be sarcastic, you'd best be prepared to back it up. For me, sarcasm is pretty much a martial art.

    - There is actually a publication called Wood. Nope, I don't have the imagination to make these things up, but I'm working on it.

    - Lately, I've taken to asking womenfolks their personal definitions of the various bases. I still contend that 3rd base is anal, though, and simply refuse to be swayed.

    - Song of the Day: Billy Ocean- Get Out of My Dreams (Get Into My Car). Always liked it and now it's applicable. Heard it on the radio at work way too early this a.m.

    - Love love LOVE me some terducken. Or whatever the fuck it's called.

    - Dude, I simply object to Sean Paul's very existence. Fucking poseur. Akon, too.

    - Perhaps the nice lady (see, I believe, yesterday's post; very tired, not that bright to begin with, please to forgive me) was actually on the straight up, for real tip (when she asked me to list the 5 most interesting things about me), not merely testing me to see if I'd qualify myself. After all (again firing up the retrospectometer), she DID say that my (all-too kickass) profile showed that I have good taste, am witty and managed to intrigue her. That'd be an IOI then, wouldn't it? Oh well, like Joe Public said in their one-hit, Live and Learn.

    - I still contend that the roll-up hit that put quarterback Matt Hasselbeck of my beloved Seattle Seahawks on the shelf was intentional and the culprit should've been hung by his foreskin. But that's just me.


    All right, today's list, as composed during my 7 hours at work before y'all even got up this snowy a.m. In case I've lost anybody, I'm thankful for or that (whichever's most applicable):

    - Every driving trip I can walk away from is a damn fine one. Today, as I was skidding my merry way across an intersection, I looked in my rearview mirror and alls I could see was BUS. As in city bus. As in quite a bit larger than my surprisingly roomy little compact sedan. As in ouch, this is gonna sting. No harm done, though. And I'll work on the delivery, storytime-wise.

    - It's nice that I still have contact with several ex-GF's. The current, pseudo-wife, not so much.

    - My braindead gig affords me ample time to hone my Inner Game and devise new and interesting questions to unleash upon tout le monde.

    - 3 football games AND Hoosiers on TV on a day when I can actually sit and watch them.

    - My eye stopped twitching before I had to drive home this a.m. It was acting up most of the night.

    - The foot of snow on my car when I left work meant that I didn't have to scrape ice off the windshield. Why, yes, the glass IS half full today. Of, you know, snow; but still.

    - They've finally made another Rocky flick. LONG overdue, to say the least.

    - I drafted Utah Jazz point guard Deron Williams in the 10th (!!!!!) round (of 13) in 2 of my NBA pools. Keep them dimes coming, my man. Don't worry, the treys will come in time. If Only (the familiar refrain) I'd drafted him in all of them. Sigh.

    - David DeAngelo, Style, Juggler, Thundercat, Swingcat, Mystery, Jlaix, Ross Jeffries, Lance Mason, Zan, Gunwitch, Asian Playboy, Tyler Durden, Carlos Xuma, Cameron Teone, Brent, Dave M., Robert Greene, David Shade, Maniac High and anyone else I may have forgotten (although their contributions are still much valued) for their teachings and for lifting the veil from mine myopic (but no longer twitching; yay, me!) eyes.

    - The ability to learn something new each day (see above), because I realize that I don't know it all and, in fact, barely know any of it.

    - My family is healthy and, as far as I know (yeah, like I ask), happy.

    - I have some irons in the fire at the moment, but even if they don't pan out, my NEXT! (abundance, not scarcity) mentality will see me through.

    - Kelly Clarkson's performing The Star Spangled Banner live before the Cowboys/Buccaneers tilt in mere moments. Love Love LOVE me some Kelly Clarkson, too. Yeah, I know. Fuck all y'all, Breakaway's a kickass disc. And she actually, you know, eats, she's a positive body image role model....

    ....And I'm back. Dude, it was The Star Spangled Banner. As performed by Kelly Clarkson. Must see TV. Girl can wail. Hope she comes to MY town. If not, there's always Las Vegas.

    - Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada; at once the happiest and saddest place on earth, depending upon whom you ask and when.

    - Good ol' Colin has picked up where Kim and Yan left off, pimping this little mess-wise.

    - One of my LJBF's is actually able to deal with the new, uber, me. Even after I told her how much I understood her reluctance to get too close to me as she'd only fall Head Over Heels in love with me and end up a broken woman on the wrong end of an alcoholic talespin when I slept with all her friends, treated her like dirt and then kicked her to the curb. Let's just say reviews have been somewhat mixed on that particular approach. Chicks. Mostly because they're so used to me being a hapless chump that they have trouble relating to the fact that he's, you know, dead.

    - I've been able to put my one-itis to some small positive use in the sense that no matter who I'm speaking with or approaching, she's not The One, so I've got this. It's no big. Again, learning as I go.

    - I'm not an Atlanta Falcons fan, although I like Mike (Vick). Want to be like him, too.

    - Although I wasn't originally going to watch Veronica Mars, when they repeated the series premiere featuring Paris Hilton; I decided to give it it's day in court. Love Love LOVE me some Kristen Bell, too. And Patty Hearst was on this wek's episode. How completely fucking Cool is that?


    All right, I'm off to finish wading through yesterday's e-mails and then begin today's. And I'm still working on my Spanish lessons. Peace.